The objective of our Health Promotion Program is to disseminate pertinent health information to the English-speaking Black community(ESBC) and is comprised of several initiatives. We also aim to connect the participants with service providers within the local community and public networks while we encourage positive behavioural and lifestyle changes using a culturally adapted approach to our programming.


We address topics of prevention, healthy living habits and determinants that contribute to overall wellness with a focus on issues that are prevalent in the Black community such as diabetes and heart health.

Seniors Club:

The seniors club (Formerly Seniors Summer Club) is our newly extended year-long program that focuses on diminishing social isolation as well as improving the health and wellness of our elder community. 

ACDPN has managed to curate a safe space where seniors are encouraged to partake in culturally adapted activities such as, fitness, art therapy and cooking as well as discuss pertinent issues relating to mental & physical health. 

If you would like to get involved in our club please get in contact with us by email at info@acdpn.org or by phone at 514-737-3213. 

Get healthy campaign:

Provide information on healthy eating and fitness through various activities such as healthy cooking and nutrition workshops, healthy snacks for kids, seniors fitness, hip-hop workshops, and much more….

Youth Mental Health Initiative:

Offer safe spaces for open discussion among black youth aged 18-30 to discuss mental health and actively dispel myths and stigma. These events are facilitated by youth with support from health care professionals.

Community Health Education Program (CHEP):

Health information sessions held at least 4 times a year. Participants attend a live video conference on various health topics where they have an opportunity to ask questions and exchange with health professionals. Some examples of the topics addressed during these sessions: Autism, Diabetes, Stroke, High blood pressure and much more….

Parent’s Group Support Initiative:

To ensure a continuity of service upon the completion of our programs and to create a network of support for parents and children we have implemented our Parents’ Support Group. The group meets on a bi-weekly basis and the objective is to empower families to overcome the everyday challenges of life through an exchange of shared experiences. The group participates in activities such as health workshops, communal cooking and is meant to be a safe space that is an extension of the support provided during our regular programming.

Sankofa Healthy Snacks Initiative:

This weekly initiative is a collaboration with the Cote-des-Neiges Black Community Association, which a member organisation of the network and it offers healthy snacks to students of their SANKOFA program. During these classes children aged 5-12 learn about African history and ACDPN offers snacks to the participants as well as important health information in an effort to help them develop healthy eating habits in during these formative years.