McGill Retention Program

The training and retention program, in partnership with McGill University aims to increase the number of English-speaking health professionals in Quebec in order facilitate access to Health and Social services for the English community.  


Our initiatives

Health and Social Services Career Information, Mentorship and Internship Program

This program focuses on promoting careers in the Health and Social service domain with students in the Black English-speaking community. We aim to educate high school students on the opportunities that exist in the field by developing a mentoring initiative that will pair students with professionals in the HSS sector. One of our principal mandates is increasing access to health and social services for the English-speaking Black population of Montreal. We believe that in the long term, increasing the number of Black English-speaking professionals in the field would bridge the gap between the institutions which offer support services and the members of community who need them.

With this career piece, we want to encourage students in our community who have an interest in health and social services or who are currently pursuing their path. We offer support by providing the tools that they need to create a solid career plan and by connecting them to the social work professionals in their community. We also offer internship opportunities within our programs to those currently pursuing their studies in the health and social services at the Cégep and university level.

Lastly, we also hope to pique the interest of those students who may not have considered social work by promoting the benefits, rewards and opportunities of the field.

Through this program, ACDPN will support those students to achieve their career goals and offer them an opportunity for them to give back and support their communities in return.

Nia Community Education Fund

The NCE fund supported ACDPN’s long-term goal of improved access to Health and Social Services (HSS) for the Black English-speaking community by increasing the number of professionals from the community who work in these fields. In collaboration with McGill University, we were proud to offer 4 bursaries to deserving English-speaking students from the Black community who were pursuing their post-secondary educations in the HSS sector.